I hope everyone is having a peaceful Holiday season. My husband and I
decided to lay low, since we haven’t seen each other, or much of our home
since last winter 🙂

My Christmas eve was spent knitting in front of the woodstove at the shop,
enjoying the Christmas lights, music and the occasional visitor. I had a
mix of people coming in. One woman was on a mission, looking for a book her
mother had admired a few days earlier and some fibre for herself to make
angels with. We had several people who were bringing relatives from away to
see the colours and textures against the backdrop of old wood beams and
cabinets. A few gentlemen callers whos intention it was to walk in, get
gift certificate and walk out, even they can’t resist standing close to the
woodstove for just a minute…

I had planned to leave at 3pm, but a man in need of a gift from his son to
“Nana” kept me a bit longer. Then I was almost done the seed stitch at the
bottom of the sweater I’m working on, so decided to finish those last two
rows before I left. I’m glad I did, as a very special woman came in just
before 4pm.

She is in often, she told me once that she comes to find a bit of calm, and
inspiration. I know she is going through a lot right now, as her husband is
ill. She showed me her salt and pepper mittens, talked about how she knits
for all her family members. She found a special gift, I’m not sure if it
was for her, or someone else. She asked me what I was doing for Christmas,
and I told her of my plans to stay home and spend some quiet time. She
seemed to think that sounded lovely, and then told me that she and her
family would celebrate Christmas on the 30th, when she could get her whole
family in one place. I’m so glad I was still there to talk with her.

Christmas Eve my husband and I did our traditional drive around the
countryside. Sat up at the lookoff and admired the lights throughout the
Valley. We came home and I baked a tortiere. Sleep came easy with my belly
full, and I went to bed hoping that the temperature would drop so the rain
would turn to snow.

No such luck, it was warm and drizzly throughout Christmas Day. I tended
the turkey, baked pies and cookies, read and napped.

Boxing Day I revisited a new part of my life. Anyone who has met me knows I
am not an athletic person. I have never participated in group or individual
sports. I normally walk a lot, pile wood, and mow for hours each week
during spring, summer and fall, but I haven’t even done any of that this
year, with the shop keeping me quite occupied. Well, on the 26th of
December, 2003, I hit the “bunny hill” at Ski Martock. (
http://www.martock.com ) I started this new adventure last January, spent
nearly 6 weeks on the bunny hill, until my husband took a tumble and
punctured his kidney, ending both of our snowboarding seasons early. I
thought I would have to start at square one, sitting on my butt, covered in
snow, terrified of the “dramatic” downhill slope of the bunny hill. Much to
my surprise my legs remembered what to do, and I made 10 runs down that
little hill, not falling once. My legs were just shaking by the end, as I
going very slow, and the slower you go, the harder it is on your muscles,
but I DID IT!

I must be off, the shop is opening back up after two days off. I can’t wait
to meet all the new faces, of daughters, mothers, sister and husbands who
will be visiting for the first time today. Many of our regulars will bring
these friends, neighbours and relatives from far off lands, to show them
where they’ve been spending their time these past few months. Brenda and I
seem to have created quite a buzz in the community. We got the most
incredible hand made card from one of the women in our knitting group. I
must scan it and put it on the webpage.

Happy Holidays, and the very best for the New Year,

Julie Rosvall
Wolfville, Nova Scotia (where we are finally getting a bit of that white
Christmas I was hoping for.)


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