Brenda and I spent the end of last week dismantling Christmas, and
rearranging the shop. Things are looking quite lovely, if a little bare
after lots of Holiday visitors, and all of our suppliers being closed until
after the New Year.

One of our tasks as part of the cleanup was to assemble a rigid heddle loom.
Of course I couldn’t let it sit there bare after I got it together, so
immediately put on a warp. This is my first experience with a rigid heddle,
and I could be heard laughing, and frequently calling out to Brenda how much
I “LOVE” that loom. I had a warp on, and 2 inches woven before I left on
Saturday, very exciting.

We both are now back in weaving mode, after months of knitting, although I
don’t plan on putting down my needles anytime soon. Brenda is putting on a
warp for a Manos scarf, I can’t wait to see how the colour variations weave

Well I must get back to my knitting needles, I started my very first mitten
project last night, I do enjoy seeing the progress of an item this size. We
certainly need all the mitts, hats and scarves we can get right now, with
temperatures in the -30’s with windchill.

Julie Rosvall
Wolfville, NS (where my cat is “hatching” beside me here at the desk, I
wonder how they can sleep like that, with all their legs tucked in.)


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