I feel like I’m on fibre overload. This past week has been one adventure
after another. Saturday evening my husband brought home our good friend Liz
Miller, knitter, spinner, carder, weaver and needle maker of the highest
order. We spent the weekend knitting, laughing, eating and scheming.

I took Liz back to the ferry on Tuesday, in the midst of blizzard, we drove
with clenched jaws and hands. I actually got a cramp in both my left hand
and my right leg I was so stressed!

I had a chance to relax last night at our In the Round knitting group. What
an evening, this was by far the most amazing evening I’ve spent in a long
time. Eight of us sat around the woodstove, with many projects on the go.

I was working diligently on my sweater, Jali on her overdue cardigan. Brenda
picked up her legwarmer, and inspired another woman to start on a similar
project, at least that was the plan, it could turn into a sock, baby hat,
dog sweater, we aren’t sure yet.

Another Julie was working on intricate finishing for her friends baby
cardigan. Other projects on the go were a scrap scarf and random tank top,
the scarf in dyed mohair yarn over pattern, the top in natural wool using
random knit and purl stitches, wherever the maker feels inspired to put

As we sat there, Heather was working on practicing stitches andcreating
thumb holes, she normally crochets, but thought she’d work on the knitting.
At one point she decided that crocheting was more her thing, and ran out to
the car to get her mandolin, since her crochet hook was at home. We were
treated to impromptu music, name that tune and in the end, stories of
Heather and Jen’s wildlife adventures while travelling the Yukon River last
summer by canoe. Jen even told a wild story about another group of women
they had met, who were terrorized by bears for a whole night, the tale was
accompanied by Heather’s soundtrack of intense music in the background.

Julie Rosvall

Wolfville, NS (where I am proud to be working on my first lace scarf in a
beautiful teal rayon from Nepal, now if only I could remember what row I’m


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