Brenda and I passed a year in business this past week. We’ve been so
occupied with stocking shelves, workshops and spring cleanup, that we nearly
forgot all about it. One of our regular knitters brought by a lovely card,
and a small sheep ornament that she picked up in Poland last month. I took
a minute to look at some pictures of the initial cleanup of the shop space,
visits from local spinners last May and even one of Jude Pilote. The place
looked so bare.

This past month we finally got our stairs, main counter and electrical work
done, courtesy of Brenda’s husband David. My husband Peter is nearly ready
to pour concrete countertops for along our south facing windows. The
gardens are enjoying the wet weather, but I’m sure a bit of sun would perk
things up even more. Brenda has been weeding, planting and starting seeds,
including 72 Japanese Indigo, given to us by a weaver and dyer located on
the Bay of Fundy shore.

Brenda’s sheep were sheared last week, and they are happily browsing on the
green grass, along with the lambs born throughout the month of May. The
lambs are certainly entertaining. I particularly like the little bottle
lamb that Brenda has been caring for, he has the most wonderful brown
hooves, and is of course very talkative. He and Caprice the llama seem to
spend quite a bit of time together.

The tourists are traveling up and down the Valley, including Sheila and
Allan Carey of BC, who visited me four or five years ago. They dropped in
just days after their friend Laura Fry finished up her Maritime tour. Laura
was here in the Gaspereau Valley for Magic in the Water I, and left behind
her a bunch of very excited and exhausted weavers.

What else can I tell you. The yarn, equipment and fibre has been arriving
by the truckload. Manos del Uruguay yarn, rigid heddle looms, wheels, sheep
potholders, hemp, cotton, Tencel, kid mohair top, afghan kits, handmade
soap, new patterns, sheepskins, slipper soles, birch needles, buttons and
the list goes on.

I’m off to bed, tomorrow is my only day off, so if the rain lets up, I will
try to weed the strawberry patch, and get some other yard work done. Then
it is back to work on Monday, exploring possible sites for the Nova Scotia
Designer Crafts Council Summer Market 2005. The location that has been used
for the event for many years may not be available due to the demolition of a
nearby building. So I’m going to measure parking lots on the Halifax
waterfront. This should prove to be a good move for the event, we already
see nearly 15,000 visitors over the three days each year, so being closer
the water, Historic Properties and major tourist destinations can do nothing
but good for our exhibitors.

Julie Rosvall

Wolfville, NS


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