Is it sunny where you are? We have blessed with sunshine and blue skies for
much of the last week, we’re now back to overcast and cool, it is amazing
how fast a switch can happen. Last week we were shivering and sweater laden,
earlier this week dirt roads were getting dusty and the strawberries were
crying for rain, and now my bones are once again chilled. I’ve been taking
every opportunity to travel the back roads and dykeland on my bike. I find
that even my regular travel routes by car are so much more fascinating at
this pace. I’m seeing ponds and trees I never noticed before, the lay of the
land is much more apparent, rolling hills and wildlife.

We are really excited about a new addition to the Gaspereau Valley. As you
wind your way down the hill from Wolfville, into the Valley, you see a
vineyard on your right hand side. The vines went in several years ago, and
finally they are producing! I’ve been watching the progress since I moved
here in 1999. Last year I saw a barn at the corner of the vineyard being
torn down, and then site preparations begin for a new building. The rumours
started. Restaurant? Gift shop? Wine tasting? I dropped by a few weeks ago,
and got the scoop. Gaspereau Winery will have wines and ice wines from their
vineyard, wine tasting, local books and prints, jams, jellies and maple
syrup. They have a few gift items, including corkscrews made with the
grapevine wood. They have picnic tables setup in the vineyard, and hope to
eventually have a barbecue setup so people can come and picnic with their

The Gaspereau Valley is certainly a destination. There is an antique store
down the road, winery, saw mill, butcher, chair maker, British motorcycle
parts supplier, tubing on the Gaspereau River, fruit and vegetable stands,
plants and flowers and then there we are, right in the middle of it all,
Gaspereau Valley Fibres. Bookend all this with miles of scenic country roads
all around, the town of Wolfville with Acadia University, cafes,
restaurants, dykeland, bookstores and boutiques. Then there is the Grand Pre
Historic site, another winery, bed & breakfasts, campgrounds, an incredible
Acadian flag made of flowers, beaches and Tangled Garden. Why would I want
to be anywhere else?

As for more fibre related things, we’ve been spinning, weaving and knitting
our way through the spring. Brenda has a cotton baby blanket and a colourful
hemp hat on the needles. She’s also been dyeing some Welsh wool for a
blanket she is planning to weave. I am spinning possum and wool, exotic
fibre blends and English wool on various wheels, knitting a wool/silk bag,
and just put a warp on the rigid heddle loom for a large wrap in an oatmeal
Welsh wool. I am also weaving off the last of the warps from the Laura Fry
wet finishing workshop we had in May. And of course there are all the
unfinished knitting projects that both Brenda and I have stashed in bags,
boxes and baskets…

What else is new? My husband just lifted the third of four pieces of our
concrete countertop. Brenda’s husband has dug the hole and has the post
ready for a new sign. Still no actual sign yet, but we are working on it. I
have started to separate the yarn sections on the website. I believe I have
most, if not all of our yarns on the site, now to get down to samples and
pictures. The most amazing photo I’m adding has nothing to do with fibre at
all. Brenda found a photo from the first half of the 1900’s that shows the
building we are housed in.

I must be off, there is a batt of hand dyed exotic fibre calling my name
from across the room.

Julie Rosvall
Wolfville, Nova Scotia


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