You have a poppyseed in your teeth…

There have been a few interesting posts on the Knitlist recently about people’s frustrations with local yarn shops around North America.

We try very hard to price things around our shop, but with just the two
of us, it doesn’t always happen. Things get busy, the weather gets
better or worse, a friend drops by, someone gets sick, our attention
deficit knitting gets out of control, who knows. We put little tags
beside bins of yarn, often with the yardage and stitches per inch. We
both know most prices off by heart, and if not we know where to find the
information quickly.

One problem we discovered early on is that you can’t buy price stickers
locally that actually stick, so you end up with a bin or cubby hole with
10 or 20 little “$9.95” stickers floating around in the bottom 🙂 And
all the fibres from the yarn of course make those “reusable” stickers
pretty useless.

As a very small, rurally located yarn shop owner, I really appreciate it
when folks point out things that aren’t priced. It helps me get things
done, as I don’t always remember where I finished off on a particular job.

I’ve noticed a lot of people saying they don’t like to ask questions or
bother the store owners or staff. For me, when a customer asks
questions that is the best way for me to learn new things, figure out
different uses for yarns, reinforce pricing and yardage, discover
patterns I didn’t see in this or that book or magazine. This will only
make me better able to help next time around, being the eternal beginner
that I am.

Everyone should try to remember the last time they had a spinach salad
or poppyseed muffin only to discver hours later that you have bits in
your front teeth. You’ve just met with your realtor, boss, new love or
kid’s teacher, and must have looked like a slob because your friend,
coworker, spouse or whoever was too embarrased or shy or impatient to
tell you it was there.

Wolfvlle, NS (where the temperature has turned balmy and we’ve lost 14″
of snow in the last 15 hours AND where I am putting together my very
first handknit sweater)


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