I worked away over the weekend putting my first handknit sweater
together. Seemed to be going okay, not perfect, but I proudly tried it
on every five minutes. Most of my seams are flat, but of course the
ones near the shoulder seam, that attach the arm to the sweater are
bulging in a funny way.

I’ve taken it apart several times, first thinking that I had picked up
the bars too far from the edge. With the bulge being on the actual
sweater body, I then thought I could try picking up two bars on the
sweater and one on the sleeve to reduce the bulge. It might have helped
slightly, but not enough.

Any suggestions on a website or book that would explain in detail how to
attach around that cap of the sleeve as smoothly as possible?

Wolfville, NS
(where my muscles are aching from my first day of snowboarding
yesterday, and my fingers are aching from the sewing and dismantling of
my sweater)

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