Visitors to the Valley

Fibre visitors are always finding their way to the Gaspereau Valley.  We had so much fun having Sylvan and her crew in our yard when she
visited. She arrived in a big RV, with at least half a dozen relatives,
and stayed for most of the day. Even topped up their water tank and had
lunch while waiting for her husband to arrive in his van.

Hope to see many more visit in September. We have a Wednesday evening
“In the Round” knitting group which is a casual drop in, starts again
September 14th, 7-9pm. Then we have a Thursday afternoon “Fibre
Quintet”, a gathering of knitters, spinners, weavers, crocheters and
rughookers, 1-4pm.

Fall in Nova Scotia couldn’t be more beautiful. The weather is perfect,
the scenery lush and green, farm markets going full tilt. The wineries
are everywhere, we have two within five minutes of us, and there are two
more scheduled to open by 2008, we’ll be surrounded 🙂 Top all that off
with food, music, theatre, no wonder I never go anywhere. Seems to me
the Deep Roots Music Festival is around the 16th of September.

We are taking part in Open Farm Day which is province wide on the last
weekend of September. We plan on having local fibre artists at work,
including knitting, spinning and weaving. Should be a great day.

Anyone travelling to Nova Scotia, let me know if you need any help with planning your NS adventure…

Julie Rosvall
Wolfville, NS (where I’ve managed to lose my wavy scarf project, can’t
quite figure what bag I had it in last.)

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