I am doing an informal survey. As many of you know Cat Bordhi will be
here in two weeks. In the past week we have had several people come in
to buy two circulars for sock knitting. I jokingly mentioned to the last
woman that we should try to get Cat to stay for an extra day and do a
socks on two circulars workshop, then the wheels started turning.

This is a longshot. All the stars would have to align to make it happen.
If we had a full list of participants by the end of this week and we
don’t have any other commitments pop up in the next few days, we might
be able to pull together a Socks on Two Circulars workshop on Wednesday,
August 31st. The cost would be $95 for the day, 10am to 5pm. Drop me an
email ( julie@… ) or call the shop by Thursday,
August 18th if you are interested.

We also still have room in the Moebius workshops, you can find out more
on our webpage.

Julie Rosvall
Wolfville, NS (where I made a lovely little felted needle cozy
yesterday, and have another on the needles, Cat sent me the instructions
to photocopy for all workshop participants, very fun)

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