We send several packages to the US every week, and always send by
Expedited Canada Post, this service is insured, and takes an average of
9 business days.

In three years we have experienced one lost package and two or three
that took considerably longer then the 9 business days.

Canada Post won’t do anything until it has been 30 business days. When we lost the package last year
they told us to call back if the package hadn’t arrived in 30 days, we
did, and they promptly called the customer to confirm it hadn’t arrived,
and then refunded us our wholesale cost on the yarn and the postage.

We have noticed a significant increase in the delivery time on packages
coming from the US, and only a minor increase going to. US Customs
officials are checking a high percentage of packages entering the US,
which does of course slow down the delivery time on even the packages
that don’t get checked. It is the price we pay for higher security.

Sometimes it is easy to forget that Canada and the US do have an
international border separating them. We Canadian vendors just need to
make an extra effort to remind our friends south of the border that
shipments may take a little longer then they are used to. Especially if
the vendor is in Nova Scotia and the package is headed for Southern
California. Or even New York, where all those nasty packages of yarn
could pose a serious threat 🙂

Julie Rosvall
Wolfville, Nova Scotia (where I have turned my house upside down trying
to find a certain skein of yarn that I “need” to knit right now…)


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