Yes, Nova Scotia does have snow for the moment. I spent four wonderful
hours on the ski hill last night, conditions were perfect with 35cm of
snow from Wednesdays storm.

I’m afraid we’ve got warm weather and rain on the way for the weekend,
hopefully it won’t return us to spring conditions too soon. Odd how
much colder a rainy day feels in February.

I have been playing with a cable design from the Summer 2003 Interweave
Knits, hoping I can figure out how to knit the sweater top down instead
of bottom up. Still don’t know what yarn I will use. I took advantage
of the snow day on Wednesday to swatch with a handspun wool/possum blend
I had in my stash. Not sure it drapes quite right, as the original
design was cotton/rayon and nylon. Perhaps I just need to spin this
blend a little finer and adjust my needle size. Fun stuff.

Julie Rosvall
Wolfville, Nova Scotia (dreaming of spa every night, I’m so jealous)

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