Travel to Canada (no passport required)

To our fibre friends south of the border, you don’t need a passport for air or sea travel to Canada until December 31, 2006, still five months to go. Driving, train, bus, bicycle, ferry, walking you won’t need a passport until December 31, 2007, one year and five months away.

In the past two weeks we have had travelers from all around the US, they include…

Tampa, Florida
Ft.Myers, Florida
Eugene, Oregon
Durham, North Carolina
Houston, Texas
State College, PA
Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Churchville, New York
Brockport, New York
Cape Cod, MA
Riverside, New Jersey
Quarryville (sp?), PA
Newton, MA
Chapel Hill, North Carolina (different folks)
Portland, Maine (NETA member)
Boulder, CO
Tucson, AZ

Sherry, hope to see you up our way again soon.

Julie Rosvall
Wolfville, NS (where I’ve cast on my hemp top at least 10 times, can’t seem to make my hands do what my brain intends today)


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