How can a person put into words the thrill of getting up at the crack of
dawn, driving to the airport, taking an incredibly small plane from Nova
Scotia to Boston, taking an eerily fast shuttle from Boston to Portland, and
then some 14 hours later walking into the lobby of the Doubletree to visions
of spinning wheels and knitting everywhere? What can I say about spending
three days surrounded by laughing, happy, talented, inspiring, incredible
people? Every elevator ride filled with knitters decked out in their latest
shawl or sweater. Every trip up the stairs or to the restaurant seeing
someone walking by with a drop spindle slowly, or not so slowly twisting
towards the floor. The smell and taste of chocolate chip cookies. People
you¹ve only every corresponded with via email grabbing hold of you around
every corner. Going to bed exhausted and dreaming about what projects come
next, or what you will pull out of the bottom of your box of projects the
minute you get home.

That was my first Spa Knit & Spin experience a few years ago.

This year my journey will start on Wednesday the 20th when I board a train
in Halifax, NS. I will make my way to New Brunswick, where on Thursday I
will jump in a car and hit the road for Freeport. Weather permitting I will
be wandering the halls of the Hilton Garden Inn by Thursday night. Safe
journey to all.

Julie Rosvall
Wolfville, Nova Scotia (where my icy driveway now has a nice soft layer of
snow, and I¹m just steps away from my silk/wool blend stitches waiting for
attention in the other room)


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