Right now it is 5:57am, three more minutes until the pool opens at the Hilton Garden Inn. Slept very well, the beds are amazing.

I left my parents house yesterday around 9am Atlantic time, my mother drove me to St.Stephen and hour away to meet my friend Joanne. We hit the Maine border at 10:30am and headed down route 1, for a bit of a meandering drive to Freeport.

We stopped for lunch in Machias, and visited a lovely little tea shop. I got to shop at the Grasshopper shop in Ellsworth, and met the founder Ken, a wonderful man, who just travelled up to New Brunswick, Canada to see one of my favourite bands, Blue Rodeo, so we chatted a bit.

We stopped to take pictures of the Verona bridge (not sure if that is what they call it), which my husband had a hand in, he designed the concrete mix for some portion of it, can’t recall what bit at this moment.

We arrived in Freeport just before dark, as planned, and had about an hour to unpack and nap before we met Sherry Wilding White and a few other fiber ladies for supper at Gritty’s, a local brewpub.

As always the company was hoot, and while nobody knitted at dinner, the lobby of the Hilton was full of spinning wheels and knitters when we arrived, when we left for dinner and when we returned again. I could spot the fiber folk a mile away, fun legwarmers over LLBean boots going into this room, handwoven scarf up in the elevator, shawl here, socks there, I love it.

Now here is a dilemna. Betsy Jones got some hand dyed silk from me when I was at Spa last, in 2005. At dinner last night she asked that if she drove home and got it, and showed it to me, would I tell her what to make with it. Oh my. If anyone gets a chance to see the yarn, make sure to give your suggestions, she can’t let that gorgeous yarn hibernate a minute longer.

Julie Rosvall
Wolfville, NS/Freeport, ME
(where I’m on the search for a 5mm/16-20″ circ.needle, not sure I can wait for the vendors to open tonight 🙂

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