I have a number of spindles, and all have some special meaning or purpose. My first was made by my friend Pia, she uses found wood, the tags might say something like, “whorl made of hardwood from a Japanese shipping pallet give to me by my friend Erik Barr, shaft made from a broomstick picked up on Starrs Point Road during spring cleanup week.”

I have a Mongold spindle that I love because it was given to me by a special teacher, Nelda Davis, who also helped me find my great wheel.

I adore my little Turkish spindle which was made by Dave Carlson in Alberta, which I got on my spinning adventure out west a few years ago. I think the Turkish spindle is the greatest invention of all time, hands down. Centre pull ball, need I say more?

On that same trip I got two Navaho spindles from Dave as well, and a small soapstone support spindle from Tracey Jarrett (sp?). That little support spindle is now used with a tiny clay bowl that a friends two year old daughter picked out for me at a yard sale, very special gift indeed.

I’ve spun on every spindle I could get my hands on, and I’m pretty sure I spun more on a spindle in the first two years of spinning then I have on a wheel in the eight years since getting my first wheel.

Julie Rosvall
Wolfville, NS
(where there is a little bundle of brown, terra cotta and natural corriedale waiting on my bookshelf at home, must dig out my Forestall spindle…)

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