I swear I am still a spinner, even if I don’t get to do it much. I
have the spindles, wheels and fibre to prove it. Knitting has taken
over a bit these past few years, but my first love is still my
collection of high whorl, low whorl, Turkish, CD, Mongold, Navaho,
support and other spindles.

I just happened to notice Marilyn Rand’s email mentioning that I am
indeed still alive and kicking, so thought I’d send off a few
paragraphs. I probably should be doing the layout for the next Nova
Scotia Designer Crafts Council newsletter, but this is a wonderful

My time is equally divided between my work at the Crafts Council,
where I get to spend my days talking to the very finest artists and
craftspeople producing work in our region and my work in concrete,
where my husband and I produce architectural concrete (counter tops,
furniture, fireplace surrounds, sinks, window lintels, pillar caps
etc.)in our business Formed Stone Designs Inc.

During my commute to the first job I get to knit or spin on the ferry
across the Halifax Harbour which is quite a treat. Recent projects
include a series of Moebius wraps of various colours and fibre types,
some handdyed, some handspun. In the spring I went a bit of binge
when I found out my brother and sister and law were expecting their
first child. In the four weeks between the announcement and her visit
to NS I found a lovely merino yarn and handdyed it in a deep teal
colour and proceeded to knit a large wrap (22″x90″)using the Vintner’s
Rib pattern as my gift to her, and topped it off with a Baby Surprise
sweater for the baby. I also started some baby booties, but didn’t
get a chance to finish them before she arrived.

Weaving is still in the picture, but I can’t say I actually get to it
much. I managed to remove the silk runner that was on my floor loom
for the past few years. I also worked very hard at digging the
partially wound warp from my 10 year weaving project out of the closet
and putting it near the loom.

For those of you not familiar with the 10 year project, it all started
in late 1999 when Handwoven had the Millenium scarf on the cover. I
thought it would be fun to weave a similar wrap, dyeing the yarn
myself. The magazine sat by my bedside for a year, and then Kathryn
at the Fleece Artist had a sale on coned undyed silk yarn, cheap, and
very lovely. I got several cones. In 2003 I finally got around to
dyeing the yarn, quite a bit of fun. Light yellow, dark yellow, light
orange, dark orange, orangy red, red, maroon, light purple, etc. etc.
through the blues and greens, with the darkest black (more like
charcoal grey) that I could produce for the weft. The colours are
amazing, and I had the skeins hanging around my living room for a
couple of years before I finally put them in a box in the closet.

I want to say I started to wind the warp in 2006, but only got a
couple of sections done before it got put away. So now it is back out
of the closet, sitting on the front of the loom, forcing me to think
about weaving, as the colours draw me in every day. This project will
be completed, but as you can see it is about to become the 10 year
project, and hopefully won’t be forced into the next decade.

Now to spinning, I have gotten to two Potluck Spinners gathering this
summer, and have demonstrated at the NSDCC Summer Market. I try to
bring my spindle with me to work, just in case I get a moment. I’ve
been continuing to fortify my stash, a little mohair here, some silk
there, just to keep the other fibre company you know.

I think I’ve done sufficient rambling for one afternoon, back to work
I go.

Julie Rosvall
Wolfville, NS
via the NSDCC office on the Halifax waterfront
(where there are two cruise ships outside my window peaking up over
Pier 21, and all I can think about is knitting red alpaca/merino yarn
right now)


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