I¹m feeling pretty lucky these days. A few weeks ago I did my usual perusal
of my local used book stores fibre related books. There on the shelf was a
copy of
Alice Starmore¹s Book of Fair Isle Knitting, $12, with very minor water
damage, made pages a bit ripply by spots, but not stuck together and no
discoloration. Also got Nordic Knitting by Susanne Pagoldh for $10, from
the same home obviously, as it also had the water damage. I find it
interesting that the dust jacket and cover on both books are imacculate, as
is all the print and colour throughout the books. Just ripply, which I can
live with.

Julie Rosvall
Wolfville, Nova Scotia (where I am armed with a 7mm circular Addi Turbo and
I am determined to finish my 2.5sts/inch earflap hat in record time)


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