My husband I are hitting the road next week for a road trip to Freeport, Portland, Boston and Wood’s Hole. It will be a quick one, as seems to be the case for every trip we make, but I’m on the look out for interesting places to visit and events to take part in.

We enter the state of Maine on early Tuesday morning, August 25th. We’ll stay in Portland that night. Wednesday/Thursday and Friday night we’ll be in Boston for two nights and Wood’s Hole one night, haven’t decided in which order yet. Saturday we’ll do the 12 hour drive home from Boston to Wolfville.

If anyone has suggestions of fibre (or non-fibre) related places that we MUST see, drop me a line via email. If there are any knitting/spinning/weaving related events happening please let me know. We will be travelling Route 9 and I95.

Julie Rosvall
Wolfville, NS (where I’m waiting to see what Hurricane Bill has in store for me, we’ve moved our vacation just for him)


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