I have a box of ³Kleenex² brand tissues here that has a design of fine
threads, could be cotton, hemp or even silk. After reading Delia¹s message
(included below) I grabbed the box and turned it over, here is what it says
on the bottom…

³Thousands of years ago, the first weavers made their creations using
grasses, palm leaves and thin strips of wood. Modern weavers use threads
spun from natural fibres like cotton and silk to make their beautiful

Thanks to Delia for mentioning this, I never would have thought to examine
the box so closely if it weren¹t for her. I was just happy to have a
cartoon, cloud, 80¹s floral print tissue box, and enjoying the fine black,
tan, taupe and lime green threads on the box.

Julie Rosvall
Wolfville, NS
(where on this last full day of summer we are actually getting summery


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