Only three weeks and two days left until the NSDCC Designer Craft Show in

Halifax.  This is going to be a stellar year.  I am well on my way to

reaching my goal of 35 exhibitors, and if all goes well I’ll meet my

deadline for having 30 members signed up by the end of June.  As of this

moment I have 28 exhibitors and one farmers market booth signed up.  I’ve

got two exhibitors who normally do the show who have said they are going to

send in their applications, and three brand new juried members who have

expressed interest in the show.


Garden of Eatin will be on hand this year, a popular farmers market vendor who has done the NSDCC summer show several times over the years.  They will have fresh fruit and vegetables, shrubs, potted plants, flowers and herbs.  Come enjoy the fun, and peruse the work of the following NSDCC

members for the summer show, July 23-25.


Gail Heinze-Milne           Glass with Class

Flo Greig                   Greig Pottery

Elizabeth Burtt             pottery

Timothy Finley               Flight of the Eagle Jewellery Arts

Beverly McClare             Tangled Garden Herbs

Hugh Crosby                 pottery

Ingo and Julie Doetsch       Raven Glass Studio

Leonard Landry               Landry’s Birdseye Bowls

Anne Bastedo                 Serenity Images

Donna Hiebert               Donna Hiebert Design Inc.

Margaret Boyle               Common Threads Silk

Suzanne Babineau             La P’tite Poterie

Heather MacAlpine           Crafted Images Pottery

Nathanial Bond               Flies by Nathanial Bond

Jessie Tesolin               glass

Carolyn Low                 fibre

Nancy Allen                 SNAZ Designs

Jonathan Corey               Masterworks Jewellery

Pam Frail                   PJ Crow Designs

Sandra Blackmore             Scrumptious Delights

Jennifer Hunter             Hunter Street Silver

John King                   Shooting Star Studio

Christopher Harding           Harding Studios

Lynda Constantine           Constantine Designs

Lesley Armstrong             Armstrong Textiles

Michelle Newcombe & Monique   Michique Fine Apparel

Ernest Cadegan               Ernest Capital Photography

Sanna Rahola & Douglas Drdul   Rahola Drdul Fine Art in Fibre and




Julie Rosvall

Program Coordinator

Nova Scotia Designer Crafts Council

1113 Marginal Road

Halifax, NS  B3H 4P7


p. 902-423-3837

f. 902-422-0881

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