I bit the bullet this past month and submitted three pieces to the Inspired NSDCC member show.  The first was a hat in silk and wool inspired by one of the weaving patterns in the Key to Weaving.  Fig 383 to be exact.  I graphed the pattern and took a portion of it to knit as fairisle.

The second was a Moebius wrap using three different red yarns.  One of which I had dyed and spun.  Another was a fleece artist mohair that she had dyed, and the third was silk and wool in fuschia from Peru, spun and dyed by one of the women’s cooperatives.  I then overdyed the whole thing once it was knit.  This was inspired by the Red exhibit at AGNS.

The last one was a departure for me.  As you may remember I have wanted to print textiles for some time.  I thought it would be just a relief, but I was inspired by the printmaking of Betty Goodwin who had an incredible career, and printed everything from vests to gloves, tarps, shirts, even packages.  So I knit samples, went to Bob Morouney’s studio in New Brunswick and I made an impression of the knitting on a copper plate, then printed it.  I’m thrilled with the two that I completed.

To my surprise all three pieces were chosen by the jury.  So I will be participating in my first exhibition next month.

So after that good news, and because Susan Hanrahan were going to force our colleague Wendy Shirran to have her ceramic work juried by the NSDCC standards committee, I decided to go for it.  I submitted dyeing, spinning, knitting, weaving and the prints.  They passed everything except for the weaving, which they chose not to jury because they would have failed it, professional courtesy I guess.  I had submitted a couple of rag rugs, and I was fairly sure they wouldn’t pass anyway, but I wanted to do a complete application, or I might never do  it.  I agreed with 90% of the feedback given, particularly about the rugs, not beat hard enough, need heavier warp, additional warp ends at the edges etc.

So there you go.  That was my exciting news for this month.

Julie Rosvall

Wolfville, NS


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