Symmetrical Interactions

Having been involved in the mounting of several group exhibitions over the years it always amazes me how a diverse group of artists, creating works in a variety of media, alone in their studios, not even knowing who their fellow exhibitors, somehow create works that are meant to be together.  Now obviously this doesn’t always work out, some things just clash, but more often then not we see a particular colour, texture, shape or inspiration emerge.

Today my self imposed to do list included posting my first image on INKTERACTION!, an online community specifically for those working in print media.  I was surprised to get a welcome message from one of the members before the morning turned to afternoon, and took the time to respond, and check out Karen Brown’s printmaking work.  For no logical reason that I could pinpoint I felt the need to immediately open a second window in my browser and pull up the work of Brad Hall, a metalsmith working here in Nova Scotia.

Perhaps I’m overtired, perhaps I am looking for patterns and interactions that don’t really exist, but for me, it seemed that the work of Karen Brown and Brad Hall really could occupy the same gallery space.  Keep in mind I’ve never met Karen Brown, and was just introduced to her moments before this idea popped into my head.  And don’t forget, Karen Brown and Brad Hall are working in vastly different media, one visual art on paper, one sculptural work in steel, they live on opposite coasts, one in the south west corner of the United States and the other in the north east corner of Canada, and as far as I know they’ve never met or seen each others body of work. Still, I feel like they could have worked together to create these pieces.


One thought on “Symmetrical Interactions

  1. Just a belated and quick note on your post. Seems ideas jump the pond much faster than before. Aaaah, this technology. I’ve received comments on my work from Nova Scotia and New Zealand. If you are still curating, you might consider creating a “Synchronicity” exhibit inviting Brad and I to exhibit together. I know I would be honored to participate. Although I have never met Brad, our esthetics are very similar. Thank you again for being drawn to my work and pointing me in the direction of a like minded artist. Happy New Year! Karen L. Brown

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