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Change Ahead


Each year the Nova Scotia Designer Crafts Council asks its members to submit works for a member exhibition at the Mary E. Black Gallery.  For 2013 the theme was change, initially in the form of new materials, equipment or technology.  This being a curated show, the curator Stephen Zwerling expanded on the theme, and invited artists to interpret change more broadly.  For some it was literally change in medium or equipment.  For others aging, social issues and changing aesthetics were the driving force.

For me it is the transition from textiles to printmaking, or perhaps better yet, the marrying of the two mediums.  You can check out the works on display at the Mary E. Black Gallery until November 3rd.  For now, visit the Nova Scotia Centre for Craft and Design opening photo album.  I’ve also posted the exhibition catalogue in the gallery below.

Julie Rosvall

Wolfville, NS

(where the day has turned sunny and warm, and I have printmaking homework waiting for me in my studio)