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Stone, the first in the documentary series Life’s Work: Six Coversations with Makers


“You prove you can do it by doing it” – Heather Lawson

Craft Alliance and the Nova Scotia Designer Crafts Council, in partnership with Breakwater Studios International Limited, are thrilled to release Stone, the first in a series of six short documentary films about some of Nova Scotia’s master craftspeople called Life’s Work: Six Conversations with Makers. Stone focuses on Heather Lawson from Bass River, NS.

Powerful and poignant, Stone provides insight into Heather’s background as a trained stone cutter, and her career as an artistic stone carver. Heather says, “I learned long ago that it is really hard to be normal, or what people perceive as normal. It is hard enough being me without trying to be what people think I should be. So as soon as you step off that tightrope, sooner you just become odd, the sooner the world will accept you as being odd. And there is great freedom with that.”

A self-described ‘chisel whore’, Heather and director Ben Proudfoot take the viewer on a journey from the rock quarry to her studio, exploring en route her personal and professional struggles and philosophies. “I chose the back road. Some people get on the highway of life and I just chose the back road and it’s been a pretty good trip,” Heather says, “Like I said, I end up in the bushes once in a while, but sometimes there is some interesting stuff in there. It is better than flying down the highway and missing everything, right?”

Over the next 10 weeks, Life’s Work: Six Conversations with Makers will continue with the release of the five remaining documentary videos in the series. Stay tuned!

Craft Alliance, the Nova Scotia Designer Crafts Council and Breakwater Studios International Limited all wish to thank ACOA Nova Scotia and Film and Creative Industries Nova Scotia for their support and assistance with this exciting project.