I bit the bullet this past month and submitted three pieces to the Inspired NSDCC member show.  The first was a hat in silk and wool inspired by one of the weaving patterns in the Key to Weaving.  Fig 383 to be exact.  I graphed the pattern and took a portion of it to knit … More

Only three weeks and two days left until the NSDCC Designer Craft Show in Halifax.  This is going to be a stellar year.  I am well on my way to reaching my goal of 35 exhibitors, and if all goes well I’ll meet my deadline for having 30 members signed up by the end of … More

I have a box of ³Kleenex² brand tissues here that has a design of fine threads, could be cotton, hemp or even silk. After reading Delia¹s message (included below) I grabbed the box and turned it over, here is what it says on the bottom… ³Thousands of years ago, the first weavers made their creations … More

I remember someone mentioning a knitting group that meets Friday nights somewhere in Cambridge, MA. I’m here, and thought I’d be able to track it down, no luck so far. If anyone knows the details please drop me a line. Julie Rosvall Wolfville, NS via Mass Ave, Cambridge, MA

My husband I are hitting the road next week for a road trip to Freeport, Portland, Boston and Wood’s Hole. It will be a quick one, as seems to be the case for every trip we make, but I’m on the look out for interesting places to visit and events to take part in. We … More

Sorry for the off topic post, but I am at work and can’t recall everyone’s names/emails who visited me at GVF a few years back. One of you was researching your family history and our local municipal representative John Fuller happened to walk into the shop during your visit. He took you home with him … More

Just came upon this site, I’ve never been partial to chain link fences, but you might be able to convince me if I could get one like this. http://www.lacefence.com/ Julie Rosvall Wolfville, NS (where I just finished a failed Moebius experiment, and am now on to bunny rabbits and sample knitting. Looking forward to a … More

I am knitting a hat for a salmon fisherman that I know. He would like to have a salmon on the side of his hat. I have done a quick search through my knitting books and had no luck, and for some reason I have only found very basic goldfish looking charts online. Has anyone … More

Getting ready for any travels I have in the coming year, I’m hoping to track down an tourism guides that are focused on fibre. I’m looking for printed materials that I could have in the car on any trips. I know Maine produces a map for fibre related farms, studios and events. Any links are … More